Thursday, December 6, 2012

Next Year's Primary Theme

The end of the year is almost here and people are already asking about NEXT YEAR'S PRIMARY THEME.

If you haven't already heard, next year's theme is "I Am A Child Of God"

On you can find a complete copy of the year's topics and see what we will be learning month to month. I have created a new section on the website where you can click on and get ideas for every

topic and song visuals as well. If you go to the home page you will find a banner across the top of the page called "Primary Helps". If you click on this banner, you will find game and activities that will help with many of the topics throughout the year. You will also see that this same topic was done in the year
2008 and you can purchase (while they last) those sharing time books for only $2 each. I am working
on the songs and have most of them available now, but those that aren't there will be there by January
1st. Also this year, the senior Primary children will be learning about church history and the Doctrine
& Covenants...while junior Primary children will be learning from the CTR B manual and the Sunbeams
from the "I Am A Child of God" Primary manual #1. All the necessary handout books will also be found
in this Primary Helps section. Individual handout downloads will be available along with the books if you
wish to own your own complete set. If we don't manage to put ALL the ideas you might want to use for
these monthly topics, be sure to just check on the site using the "Quick Search" to look up topics you are
wanting to teach about during sharing time and see what there is on the site. We are always happy to
receive any comments on things you like or things you wish we would do but you can't find on the site.
We want our site to be the FIRST place you go to for helps in teaching and working with your own family
in family home evening. We appreciate you SPREADING THE WORD to all those who are looking for fun
and helpful teaching aids for their classroom and family. This month we are offering a special "THANK
YOU" to all those who are ordering books or CD's from our site! If you order ANY BOOK OR CD, you
will be sent a FREE BOOK called "I Know My Savior Lives" plus a CD that allows you to print in black and white or color a lot of great games and activities for classroom, sharing time or family home evening!

This book and CD is currently selling for $14.95 on our it is a SUPER VALUE! Tell all your friends
and let them get in on a great deal as well! Have a wonderful holiday and we hope this helps you get a

head start on the coming year in Primary!