Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Home Evening Fun!

Last night for Family Home Evening I printed off Pass The Sacrament.  We had a lesson on being reverent during the sacrament and the kids always love it when I pull out the games Grandma makes.  I followed the outline from Lesson #38 I Will Remember Jesus Christ During The Sacrament in the CTR A Primary Manual. 
I made some adaptions since only one of my kids is Junior Primary aged and two are Senior Primary.  Pass The Sacrament is designed to help you move through your lesson by playing while you teach the lesson.  We made 2 teams and each team took a turn answering a question.  Then they would draw a card that would tell them how many kids to pass the sacrament tray to.  It's all luck as to who gets to the end the fastest.  I was impressed when my 11 year old said, "It's OK if you didn't win, because really it means you took more time to think about Jesus while the sacrament was being passed."  Here is a list of some of the questions I asked. Download sacrament.pdf

Feel free to Post your comments on this Family Home Evening Lesson Idea.  You can share your comments on Pass The Sacrament or on teaching Reverence during the Sacrament to our families or primary classes.

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