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Sunbeam Lesson Helps

Last fall I was so excited to be called to serve in the Nursery.  I loved my little Nursery kids and had fun getting them ready to be a Sunbeam.  Luckily for me, I got to move up with them into Sunbeams.   I love to go to Primary Singing Time with them.  My cute Sunbeam Class, so far, does a wonderful job of sitting still and trying their best to follow along with the songs.  It's wonderful to see kids this age singing I am a Child of God and they really love singing Scripture Power and the all time favorite, Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam.  I realized this past Sunday that they do learn things in Nursery because even the CTR 7 class still squats down low on "Sun" and bursts up on "-Beams".  Coming right out of Nursery I know it was taught there!  I believe that things like this are not all that our young children are learning in Nursery and Sunbeams.  They are developing their testimonies by the testimonies we are sharing with them.  So even if one Sunbeam won't sit down through the lesson, I have faith that he is getting something too.  There was a quote on the teacher instructions I received in my teacher binder,
"Although there may be times when a child does not listen with a believing heart, your testimony of Jesus will remain in his or her mind and soul...If a child is not listening, don't despair.  Time and truth are on your side.  At the right moment, your words will return as if from heaven itself.  your testimony will never leave your children."
Elder Neil L. Andersen
This quote will see me through this year with these cute, rambunctious, boys.  I know a big help on keeping young Sunbeam aged kids' attention is being prepared.  The more prepared you are the better they will listen.  I also understand that their attention span is is short so you also have to be creative and energetic.  

This is where Finch Family Games comes in to help.  There are three volumes of games and activities that go along with the entire year of Sunbeam Lessons.  These books are Nursery Time Vol. 1, Nursery Time Vol. 2, and Nursery Time Vol. 3.  (Don't be fooled by the name, up until a couple years ago the Nursery and Sunbeam Classes used the same manual.)  
Another great resource for Sunbeam Lesson Helps is the Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeam book.  This book has black and white handouts and crafts that are easy to prepare for every lesson in the Sunbeam Manual.  Finch Family Games has come up with lots of Sunbeam Lesson Helps for you to use.  

The Nursery Time books skip around a bit so I want to list the games and the Lessons they go with for you.  You can follow the games with links if you would prefer to use the colored digital download.  The handouts from Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams are sold in groups of 4 as downloads. 

Lastly, remember there are many other games and Primary Lesson Helps at  If you don't feel that one of these suggested games is the right fit for your class you can always search for other games using the Quick Store Search on

I hope you find these games useful and fun for your Sunbeam Class.  I know I will be using them and making learning the gospel and coming to Primary fun for my Sunbeams.

Sunbeam Lesson Helps

Lessons 1-4 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 1 I am a child of God Craft: "I am a Child of God" Headband
I Am A Child of God Presentation
Lesson 2 Heavenly Father Has a Body "Look at Me" Mirror

Joseph Smith Prayed Puzzle
Lesson 3 Heavenly Father's Plan for Us The Perfect Plan
Earth Card
Lesson 4 I Can Pray to Heavenly Father I Can Pray All Day
"I Can Pray" Figure
Lessons 5-8 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 5 Jesus Christ is the Son of Heavenly Father Jesus Once Was a Little Child
Lesson 6 Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me Gifts of Love

"Jesus Loves Me" Necklace
Lesson 7 The Holy Ghost Helps Me "I Will Listen To The Holy Ghost"
Lesson 8 I Am Thankful for the Day and the Night Our Day and Night Lights
Sun, Moon, and Stars Mobile
Lessons 9-12 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 9 I Am Thankful for Water Our Working Water
"I Am Thankful for Water" Booklet
Lesson 10 I Am Thankful for Trees, Plants, and Flowers Ready Set Grow
"I am Thankful for Flowers" craft
Lesson 11 I Am Thankful for Fish Our Water World
"Under the Sea" Craft
Lesson 12 I Am Thankful for Animals Animal Kingdom
"I Love Animals" Headband
Lessons 13-16 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 13 I Am Thankful fo Birds and Insects Bird and Bug Bingo
"I Am Thankful for Birds" Craft
Lesson 14 Adam and Eve were created in Heavenly Father's Image The Garden of Eden
Creating Adam and Eve
Lesson 15 The Sabbath Is a Day of Worship Sabbath Day Bingo
"Sabbath Day Play" Picture
Sabbath Search
Lesson 16 I Have a Body Busy Body Bingo
My Body
Lessons 17-20 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 17 I Am Thankful for My Hands My Hands
Lesson 18 I Am Thankful for My Ears Sound Search

Art Activity: Listening Ears
"My Ears" Headband
Lesson 19 I Am Thankful for My Eyes Art Activity: Look and See
"My Eyes" Craft
Lesson 20 I Am Thankful That I Can Smell and Taste The Tasting Table
"My Taste and Smell Puppet"
Lessons 21-24 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 21 I Have Feelings Find Our Feelings
"Color Us Happy!"
Lesson 22 I Can Do Many Things I Can Do...Can You?
"I Can Necklace"
Lesson 23 I Belong to a Family Our Family Tree
"Family Tree Sewing Card"
Lesson 24 I Love My Brothers and Sisters "Brother and Sister Puppets"
Lessons 25-28 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 25 I Love My Whole Family Families are Fun
"I Love My Family" Hat
Lesson 26 Families Can Be Together Forever Temple Time
"Temple Time" Wristband
Lesson 27 We Can Pray As a Family Pray Together...Stay Together
Family Prayer Puzzle
Lesson 28 I Can Be Obedient Let's Obey All Day
"I Can Obey" Doorknob Hanger
Lessons 29-32 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 29 I Can Say I'm Sorry "I'm Sorry" Craft
Lesson 30 I Can Forgive Others Follow to the Forgiving Face
Lesson 31 I Am Thankful for My Home The Happy Home Hunt
I Love My Home
Lesson 32 I Am Thankful for Food and Clothing Food Fun!
I Am Thankful For Food
Lessons 33-36 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 33 I Can Be a Friend Fun Friends
Lesson 34 I Can Love Others Love Makes the World Go 'Round'!
"Bee" Kind Mobile
Lesson 35 I Can Be Kind to Animals The Kind Zoo Crew
Art Activity: Zoo Crew
I Love Animals
Lesson 36 I Can Be a Good Example Just Like Jesus
I Will Follow Jesus' Example" Necklace
Lessons 37-40 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 37 I Can Be Honest The Beary Honest Bear
I Am Honest
Lesson 38 I Can Be Reverent Reverent Ways
"Reverent Ways" Coloring Page
Lesson 39 Music Makes Me Happy Music Makers Craft
Lesson 40 The Sacrament Helps Me Think about Jesus Pass the Sacrament
Thinking of Jesus
Lessons 41-44 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 41 Heavenly Father and Jesus Gave Us the Scriptures Scripture Picture
Scriptures are Special
Lesson 42 I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints "I Belong to the Church" Hat
Lesson 43 We Have a Living Prophet We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet
Lesson 44 We Can All Help at Church Helpful Hands at Church
Lessons 45-46 Heavenly Handouts Nursery/Sunbeams Downloads
Lesson 45 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter) Easter Lesson
Lesson 46 The Birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas) Christ Is Born
Christmas Stick Puppets

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